Sunny Side Up Silverstripe E-commerce Demo

What is this?

This is a demo site for the Silverstripe E-commerce, developed by Sunny Side Up. It showcases the Silverstripe e-commerce project. It features all the core e-commerce functionality as well as a selection of add-on modules - such as tax and delivery. For the theme, or visual presentation, we have used the default Simple theme, provided by Silverstripe Ltd. This site is for testing only so try anything you like. Any feedback, recommendations, bug reports, pull requests, etc... are appreciated and, where practicable, will be acted on or implemented. Please feel free to starting shopping.


This site can reset itself so please go ahead and try whatever you want. At any time you can reset the shopping cart to start a new order. Also, make sure to open the cms (see login details above). If you have some feedback then please contact us. Sunny Side Up is also available for paid support.

Log in details

You can log-in as follows: / thisIsTestPassword99.

Silverstripe Version

This website runs on Silverstripe 3.1.

For developers

You can install a complete copy of this website, including its data and images.

If you are familiar with composer then you can enter the following command lines:

composer install

Create a directory in which you wan to install the project (e.g. webroot of your server). Next, browse to that folder and type:

composer create-project sunnysideup/ecommerce_test:dev-master ./

It is important to install it from within the root folder of the site.

After you install the project, you will need to do the following:

  • add .htaccess file - as per usual
  • add _ss_enviroment.php file - as per usual
  • edit the name of your database in app/_config.php
  • run /dev/build/?flush=all
  • run /dev/tasks/CleanEcommerceTables
  • run ?flush=all at least one more time, as e-commerce includes aggressive caching which needs to be cleared

The .htaccess files only works on apache servers of course, for other web-servers, please use the appropriate alternatives. An example is included.

downloads and git

Please visit our e-commerce git repository for versions and downloads. To see available sub-modules, please visit an extensive list of e-commerce sub-modules or have a look at our git repositories that make use of e-commerce. You can also have a look at our packagist silverstripe e-commerce entry.


This website showcases the Simple theme. You can also view it in the Sunny Side Up Flavour Use the links below to switch themes:

If you would like to contribute a theme to e-commerce then we would be delighted. Please contact us for more information.

data model

Please review the latest e-commerce data model. This data model can be a bit out of date, but it gives a very good overview of the e-commerce model.


Please follow our e-commerce customisation guide for the best way to customise your e-commerce application. You will be amazed how easy this is.


The documentation for this module is rather sparse, but we hope the resources listed here provide some help. You can also access the automatically created API documentations included with this module. Our strategy is to improve the in-file comments with classes, methods, and so on so that the API will be able to provide you with all the documentation you may need.

other tools

This module has a bunch of tools, not seen in many other modules, that will help you build and maintain your application. Here are some examples:

  • a complete dev screen with a ton of tasks you can run
  • tools to migrate from earlier versions
  • lots of information on how to build templates
  • a complete list of all configs with explanations
  • a bunch of debug tools
  • maintenance tools (clear old orders, etc...)

Make sure to also have a look at our customisation guide.

bugs / feedback / questions

The best place to start is the e-commerce google group mailing list:!forum/silverstripe-ecommerce.

For more detailed questions / bug reports / etc... please visit our issue list on github or email us [modules at sunnysideup .co .nz]. We welcome any feedback and we will act on it where we can.

Thank you

Thank you Silverstripe Community for the Silverstripe foundation. A big kia ora also to all the developers who contributed to this project.